The American Tea Party people have Libertarianism at their core. Many Libertarians favor open borders. Their attitude can be summed up as: I don’t care what happens to everyone else just don’t tax me or tell me what I can’t smoke or drink. It was this spirit that drove pioneers westward in the 18th and 19th centuries.

We believe that liberty is a good start. However changing times require new ideas. If we want to become a great nation again, we need to take control of our destiny. A libertarian state with open borders is doomed. The immigrants will vote to change the system and in a few years we would have the same mess as we do now. We need to apply the wisdom of the two greatest leaders the United States ever had. Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt made America the greatest country in the world. The treachery and cowardice of FDR and LBJ made America what it is today; a declining debt ridden, multicultural pit, where everyone feels like a foreigner.

Sadly Europe seems to have followed our example at the wrong time in our history. All Western nations are now facing the same trouble as the US is and we must work together to save ourselves. The debt crisis is caused by the demographic crisis and will get worse if nothing is done.